EDQuals is a pioneering Assessment, Coursework and Verification portal that can be white labelled and co branded for any Educational Establishment, Organisation, Training Provider or Governing Body.


Your system, your brand!

Our unique system can be easily co-branded so that by putting into place an exclusive pre-assessment, assessment and feedback service, any individual is able to progress and understand what is being taught and what they are being asked to do. 

Once co-branding and the course administration is done then it is time for your learners, employees, or professionals (part time or full time) to be enrolled onto our courses, where your own centre assessment policies, procedures, rewards, sanctions, and verification procedures are adhered too all under one centralised system.  

Elearning and coursework submission can then begin which then leads to assessment, certification and verification!

Please call us for a demonstration of how we have co-branded EDQuals for establishment, governing bodies and organisations.