EDQuals is a pioneering Assessment, Coursework and Verification portal that can be white labelled and co branded for any Educational Establishment, Organisation, Training Provider or Governing Body.

How it Works

How EDQuals work is very simple. It has been designed for a governing body as well as a sister company so that learners can remove the hassle and strains of submitting coursework. Here is a easy step by step guide upon how EDQuals works:

  • Learners are assigned usernames, passwords and PIN numbers alongside their candidate number.
  • Access is available for staff, assessors, Internal verifiers, External verifiers, Head of Departments / Faculty, Examination / training officers
  • Individuals can completes learning lessons, online tutorials or presentations (uploaded by your organisation), to gain knowledge, and understanding
  • Learners can complete preliminary tasks to gain knowledge and understanding.
  • Your establishment can upload supporting material to coincide with learners online learning.
  • Any level of qualification can be white labelled and incorporated into the system (from entry level up to level 7)
  • Learners can download the assignment brief and work else where on the assignment brief.
  • Learners complete tasks to match assessment criteria.
  • The assessors and learners have deadlines, calenders, countdowns and submission allowances.
  • Learners upload evidence into submission files once they are ready to submit (as simple as attaching a document to an email.)
  • This piece of coursework is then submitted to the Pre assessors, Assessors, IV, and LIV.  (The process can be as simple or as rigorous as your organisation requires)
    • We can administer this for your establishment
  • The Assessors, IV, and LIV quality assure and check the work done.
  • They can annotate, mark and give feedback at a tenth of the time it would normally take.
  • Feedback, Targets, Gradings and Comments are recorded and sent up the process.
  • The learner receives their feedback, grades and comments.
  • They can re – submit (with new deadlines) work and old work is saved.
  • When an External Verifiers looks at an individual e-portfolio, assignments, units, briefs, comments and targets they see the complete system and process in use with just a simple tool because any aspect of this process can be viewed instantaneously with a touch of the button so that work can be reviewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Group and unique analysis can also occur with clear graphical data for the establishment for every student and group enrolled in EDQuals
  • All reports, comments, gradings and assignments can be prnted off easily for inspection reports
    • Or.... The governing body can also have access on your request.