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EDQuals has its own unique area where assessors can go into and carry out their daily assessment practices.

The system facilitates the following: 

  • Easy access to learners coursework.
  • Virtual learning with the capacity to deliver live sessions, lectures and lessons online through our platform. Developing a schedule of delivery that can be daily and weekly based timetabled slots, providing learners with 'Live Teaching' in a virtual classroom.
  • Areas for giving feedback, marking and signing off assessments
  • Areas which enable the viewing of learner deadlines, calendars, countdowns and submission allowances, all within a weekly planners, for clear cohesion, throughout the qualification.
  • Viewable group and individual analysis, which can also be implemented with clear graphical data for the establishment for every learner and group enrolled in EDQuals.
  • Additional development of soft skills and additional standards from the business, training providers that can be tracked and monitored through the same rigorous but simple process.

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