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The tracking and monitoring of learners work for the vast majority of qualifications incorporates a documenting of evidence in a portfolio.

EDQuals houses an e-portfolio that compiles documents of any variation, including specific media files and word processing documents. EDQuals allows both learners and tutors to attach these to specific criterion/units building a portfolio of evidence as well as tracking and monitoring the progress and development of the portfolio against skills and behaviours as part of the specification.

EDQuals generates a best practice timeline a visual aid for learners to follow their programmes of study, breaking down the specifications into smaller touch-points before achieving key milestones, allowing the learners to track their progress through the qualification and see a clear picture of their expected goals.

If learners are falling behind notifications trigger within the system to alert tutors and assessors, and provide the opportunity for early intervention. This allows tutors to use some of the delivery tools such as an online 1-1 session to work with learners and get them back on track.

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