EDQuals has its specific areas for both IQA’s and EQA’s. An EQA (External Quality Assurer), observes assessment and IAQ practices, monitors teaching and delivering of an EPA, ensures a centre has up to date resources and documents, and much more. The idea of an EQA, is to ensure a non-bias individual is in place to upkeep national standards of qualifications, to review the work of IQA’s and to keep a well maintained process in place where the work of a learner is thoroughly analysed, checked and observed.

By using EDQuals as an engine, an EQA has access through their own unique login. This enables an EQA to login to their own version of the platform, and carry out their day to day assessment pratices. Within EDQuals an EQA can take random samples of an IQA's feedback. When verifying an IQA, the external quality assurer has the ability to add their own feedback, alongisde the assessor's and IQA comments. All comments and changes to a learners log are visual, and on the same page, enabling a conveinent and simple monitoring process to take place. 

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