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EDQuals is a secure qualification and CPD delivery and training platform, which can be white labelled and co-branded for any College, University, Training Provider, Employer, Governing Body or Apprenticeship Organisation.

EDQuals provides an online learning platform that allows any qualification resource and delivery material to be uploaded securely. This includes presentations, workbooks, e-books, quizzes tasks and mock exams. All then are accessible online to any learner working through their qualification.

To address Covid 19 for Further Education and Colleges

– Keeping your provision accessible… OUR OFFER TO BE YOUR CONTINGENCY


At recent times due to COVID-19, the EDQuals platform can help you to continue to support your learners and staff by the following offers:

  • Live recorded and Safeguarded Video Chat
  • Learning contingency
  • Our Virtual Classroom has Secure, tracked and safeguarding procedures
  • Timetabled lessons for guided learning hours that are live or recorded
  • Continuous assessment
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Safeguarding is paramount
  • Remote access and distance learning available
  • Remote Teaching and learning
  • Expand your offering via virtual seat
  • Scenario based learning for evidence and assessment
  • One central access for submission and uploading of coursework
  • Full functional skills learning platform and practice exams
  • Upload other content, lectures and teaching live or pre – recorded
  • Recently passed and Inspection and Ofsted Monitoring
  • Skills and employability passport



Within the EDQuals platform you have the facility to access and tailor-make:

  • Course Delivery programme for Online live and recorded teaching.
  • Virtual classroom to deliver distance learning and remote access portal available.
  • Tutor support.
  • Functional skills content (Maths, English and ICT).
  • CPD e-learning with or without teaching and support for Live and virtual lecture, presentation and conferencing facility.
  • Virtual Learning Environment.
  • Management information system.
  • Managing assessment tracker for training, CPD and delivery.
  • Staff and learner forum.
  • Alumni facility for past learners.
  • Independent study programme.
  • Blended learning approach or totally online training.
  • Diagnostic and initial testing.
  • Coursework eportfolio with submission reports and tracking cohort assessment.
  • Assignment marking with interval and verification portal.
  • Project based learning.
  • CPD builder to create your own internal training programmes with assessment structure.
  • Facility to affiliate CPD with or without a locked down and secure exam platform.
  • Promotional sales platform for 3rd party upselling of internal and external CPD and courses.
  • CPD accredited platform for Secure locked down exam application.
  • Access to resources to deliver Safeguarding, British Values, PREVENT, Well-being, Work Skills, Employability skills which can be certificated with 24/7 365 access.
  • Choosing EDQuals as your preferred platform could reduce the pressures for all involved when submitting, marking administrating and verifying coursework.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1909 776 910 or email us at mail@edquals.com

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