Functional Skills – Maths

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About The Course

The aim of the Functional Skills in Mathematics qualifications is to equip learners with the skills and confidence to apply, combine and adapt their Mathematics knowledge to new situations in their life and work.

It is concerned with developing and recognising the ability of learners to apply and transfer skills in ways that are appropriate to their situation. 

All of our courses on EDQuals have a unique built to them, this is done with the main aim of trying to make the learning/ training as engaging as possible. Also at the end of every course you will receive a certificate of completion which can be printed and kept as proof of your qualification if you wish.

Below are a few samples of what our lessons look like:

This is a small insight into the different topics we can cover on our system. 

  • Buying things from the Newspaper
  • Calculate My Number
  • Calculate the Mean and Range
  • Calculate the mean of a data set using a scientific calculator
  • Calculating Percentages – Income Tax
  • Calculating the Median and Mode
  • Cancelling Fractions
  • Car Park Costs – Exam Style Questions
  • Circumference and Area of Circles
  • Collect and represent discrete an continuous data
  • Combined Events
  • Common Factors
  • Common Multiples
  • Compare the mean and range of two distributions
  • Compound Interest
  • Convert between Imperial Units
  • Convert between Metric and Imperial Measures
  • Convert Imperial Units to Imperial Units
  • Convert metric units to metric units
  • Converting between
  • Mixed Numbers and  Improper Fractions