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Project based learning

Project based learning

EDQuals has a very unique coursework platform f(EDQuals) or learners, assessors, verifiers and administrators to centrally manage your coursework for your Project Based Learning. The platform simply brings all your coursework in-house and online so that every one follows the same structure and procedure for any type of qualification, for any level, any where but especially those studying a Project based learning qualification. Within the centre your learners can use the coursework platform for:

  • Submission 
  • Assessing
  • Verification 
  • External verifying
  • Reporting 
  • Tracking
  • Analysis
  • Evidence

Through these aspects you can further:

  • Assess and mark submitted coursework online
  • Remove bulky paper portfolios
  • Enable easy access, assessment and verification
  • Monitor and track student progress, submissions and whole school achievement
  • Instant and hassle free sampling
  • Deliver assessment for any qualification
  • Oversee all types of submissions that learners, assessors, verifiers, sampling and external agencies create
  • Have total transparency and accountability

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