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Submission Deadlines

Submission Deadlines

When assigning any cohort or learner to a qualification, EDQuals allows a training centre to set deadlines. These deadlines come in the form of milestones and touchpoints. Milestones are set per unit, which gives a learner a clear objective of when to finish a particular unit by. This can be broken down into touchpoints. Touchpoints are more specific, in the way that they can be set per learning objective. This sets out very exact targets for a learner to hit. Both deadlines link to the overall aim of finishing the qualification, but in a way which is very structured and organised for both learner and provider. Learners have access to a weekly planner, which breaks down both milestones and touchpoints per week. The weekly planner is trackable and visual within a providers own unique platform, allowing easily manageable monitoring of each learner under the providers wing.



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