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The tracking and monitoring of learners work for the vast majority of qualifications incorporates a documenting of evidence in a portfolio. The EDQuals platform houses an e-portfolio that compiles documents of any variation, including specific media files and word processing documents. This allows both learners and tutors to attach these to specific criterion/units building a portfolio of evidence, as well as tracking and monitoring the progress and development of the portfolio against skills and behaviours as part of the specification.

The platform generates a best practice timeline a visual aid for learners to follow their programmes of study, breaking down the specifications into smaller touch-points before achieving key milestones. This allows the learners to track their progress through the qualification and see a clear picture of their expected goals.

If learners are falling behind, notifications trigger within the system to alert tutors and assessors,  providing the opportunity for early intervention. This allows tutors to use some of the delivery tools such as  online 1-1 sessions to work with learners and get them back on track.

The portfolio helps you and your organisation for:

  • Coursework E Portfolio
  • Secure submission
  • Progress tracking
  • Live online support
  • Annotation on work
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Virtual and live Interviewing
  • Group work assessment
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Submission Milestones
  • Upload evidence and work
  • Teacher download access
  • Criteria and scenario based
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Any file and programme
  • Verification and quality checks
  • Assessor and exam portal
  • Assignment breakdown
  • Group and class analysis
  • Click and download all
  • 24/7 secure access
  • Coursework folders
  • Progress dashboard
  • Calendar and key dates


  • Learners are given secure access to their learning and qualification management platform with unique identification numbers, usernames and passwords.
  • Access is available via unique identification numbers, usernames and passwords. for Staff, Assessors, Internal and external verification, Heads of Department/Faculty, Examination/Training Officers, 
  • The learners complete initial assessments and diagnostics to determine the appropriate programmes of study and allow for early intervention strategies.
  • The platform allows learners to work through; lessons, tutorials, presentations (uploaded by your organisation) to gain knowledge and understanding. This can include tasks, situational judgements tests and any course or delivery material provided by your learning provider.
  • Any level of qualification can be white labelled and incorporated into the system (from entry level up to level 7 apprenticeships)
  • Tutors and assessors can schedule virtual learning, with the capacity to deliver live sessions, lectures and lessons online through our platform, developing a schedule of delivery with daily or weekly based timetabled slots, providing learners with ‘Live Teaching’ in a virtual classroom.
  • The learners can view online the assessment structures, such as criterion from assignment briefs, standards, behaviours and skills accessing the work anywhere.
  • As a learner completes a task matched to the assessment criteria, they can upload evidence into a submission file (as simple as attaching a document to an email), the tutors/assessors can feedback, mark and sign off completed assignments in real time. The learners, assessors, tutors, managers have deadlines, calendars, countdowns and submission allowances, all within a weekly planners, for clear cohesion, throughout the qualification.
  • Internal and external quality managers have access to sampling tools to ensure standards of learners work and staff delivery is at expected levels. (The process can be as simple or as rigorous as your organisation requires).
  • All learner development and feedback, targets, grades and comments are recorded and applied to the learner reports in the process. This enables the tracking of cohorts and qualifications on mass, so all reports, comments, grades and assignments can be easily printed for inspection reports.
  • Group and individual analysis can also be implemented, with clear graphical data for the establishment for every learner and cohort enrolled in EDQuals.
  • When an external quality assessor looks at individual e-portfolios, assignments, units, briefs, comments and targets, they can view the complete process with a single mouse click. This can only be reviewed by individuals with the permission to do so, and they can do this anytime, anywhere.
  • The EDQuals system allows for the additional development of soft skills that can be tracked and monitored through the same rigorous but simple process.
  • The platform also provides access to optional introductory lessons for; Safeguarding, Prevent, IAG, British Values and e-safety.
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