Within the EDQuals platform tutors have their own unique area, bespoke to what they need to access from the system. 

A major component of what a tutor can do is set-up live sessions with any of their learners. This is through what we call 'EDVirtual'. EDVirtual is an online live classroom, which enables tutors to have sessions per learner or per cohort. The VLE feature comes with the features such as live streaming, alert buttons (for safeguarding purposes), tutor support, and lots more. By using the virtual classroom feature, a tutor is able to have live sessions with any learner, anywhere. This comes without the need of travelling, and all streams can be backed up and tracked, for recording purposes. 

Furthermore, tutors have access to assign pathways of study to any learner within their system. Pathways are a bulk of lessons which can be assigned for a learner to access. These pathways can be made bespoke to each individual learner, with lessons tailored to enhance their knowledge in key areas and key weaknesses. Pathways can also be timetabled in with a learners VLE session, in order for a learner to be studying work, with the ability to have their tutor online to instantly help. 

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