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Your System

Delivery of content;

EDQuals provides an online learning platform that allows for any qualification resource and delivery material to be uploaded securely. This includes presentations, workbooks, e-books, quizzes tasks and mock exams. All then are accessible online to any learner working through their qualification.

EDQuals also houses live virtual classrooms, allowing tutors and assessors to teach, lecture or mentor any leaner from anywhere, nationally and internationally, as long as you have an internet connection, you can deliver in real time. From classroom forums to 1-1 catch-up and support sessions, learners have access to your teaching staff anywhere. Giving your business or training provision more reach and scope.

Assessment of skills and practice

EDQuals provides the facility to upload any specification, which is broken down for learners to show the delivery programme and creates a weekly planner so learners, tutors and assessors know exactly where they are through-out the qualification. All of which builds up an e-portfolio of evidence, based upon the specification where learners can upload/save documents and media files, which is collated into one downloadable zip file for easy download if needed.

This isn’t limited to the learners, with CPD being critical for business and educational development, EDQuals has several areas to review the practices of tutor and assessor work for quality assurance and best practice.

Tracking of qualification progress

All elements of the EDQuals system track, this can be from seeing what pages have been accessed in the system and when, to tracking the learner progress in a session in real-time down to hours minutes and seconds.

This is also the tracking of progress the qualifications standards and criterion in relation to e-portfolio submissions and assessor/tutor sign off.

Verification and audit of practice.

EDQuals facilitates for External quality assurance and inspections. The system tiers access and allows for a window pane view of your learners progress. Alongside comprehensive reporting tools that produce documents available for download and printing as needed.

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