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The EDQuals platfrom enables employers, providers, lectureres or deliveries to track learners' progress. Within the system you have the possibilities to:

  • Track progression
  • Track individual programmes of study for learner/s to follow
  • Track vocational, foundation and core learning 

  • View comments and written assignments 
  • View performance in comparison to predicted and aspirational grades
  • Compare learner performance against others in cohorts or target groups
  • Show learners progression against criteria via a range of data methods, e.g. graphical 
  • Award certificates for any achievement 
  • Add files, handouts and coursework files to enhance learner' learning progress and pathways

  • Individual responses to tasks through an internal messaging system 
  • Simple and effetive tracking and monitoring software for learner submissions 
  • Instant reporting and sampling
  • Total transparacy for quality assurance
  • Learner, Assessor, IQA and EQA comment banks
  • Strengths and areas for improvement methods

  • Ability to cross statement for any standard
  • Download learner evidence or coursework with a click of a button 


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