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The market for off the shelf e-learning is growing and evolving and we are seeing a  high demand for our e-learning platform, which is enabling providers to offer online training courses that are ready to go.

Many providers either do not see the point, or do not have the skills and finances to develop their own learning platform. Off the shelf materials are changing in their nature, as organisations and external bodies demand more from vendors in the way of blended learning quality and engagement.

EDQuals Ltd was chosen as 1 of 32 providers across the country chosen to deliver the Flexible Learning Fund to employed and unemployed adults. The EDQuals platform was seen by the Government as initiative and an opportunity to offer learners 24/7 -365 days access to learning, providing a more accessible and flexible approach to learning.

To address Covid 19 for Training Providers EDQuals can be your contingency for your learners to access face to face tutoring, support and teaching!

At recent times due to COVID-19, the EDQuals platform can help Training Providers to continue to support your learners and staff by the following:

  • Access to initial and diagnostic assessment to identify levels for access to remote learning
  • Access to live classroom, Live lectures or meetings
  • Live teaching, support and distance learning for all learners and staff
  • The E-portfolio that has gone through a recent Ofsted monitoring visit
  • Flexible delivery for any learner
  • Live video chat for guidance that enables ESOL or additional support
  • 24 / 7 access to learning
  • Online Learning Reviews
  • Upload study programme and any other content to offer a bigger provision
  • Upload traineeship content and external courses to offer extensive coverage of curriculum

 The  platform offers training providers the opportunity to use the platform providing learners with a more blended approach, by offering on-line learning complimented by traditional classroom teaching and learning pedagogies.

It is clear form our experience that blended learning works to engage the disengaged and provides alternative learning opportunities out of the traditional 9-5 course delivery timetable, to which most providers are restricted.

As a training provider you have the opportunity to “White Label” the platform to host your own content and upload resources. You also have the opportunity to deliver you own “live teaching” via the platform, which can also be recorded and used for learner catch up or revision.

EDQuals Ltd  teaching staff can also deliver Functional Skills Maths, English and ICT qualifications to your learners. This provides you and your learners access to highly qualified and experienced tutors, therefore avoiding the need to recruit new staff resulting in reduced staffing costs.

The bespoke EDQuals platform can be tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to use your own branding colour schemes for you to promote and sell your online courses to other providers. This can provide your organisation with additional revenue streams through commercial business sales.

If you are a training provider interested in the EDQuals platform to deliver learning courses, or want to white label your own  e-learning platform, then call us on  +44 (0) 1909 776 910 or email us at

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