As an employer using the EDQuals virtual training platform you have the opportunity to white label your products and services. This means that whilst the platform is created and owned by EDQuals Ltd, you have the opportunity to re-brand the platform, making it bespoke to your organisation. This enables you to raise brand awareness, by displaying your logos, colour schemes, providing an excellent opening to promote your businesses products and services to a much wider audience. All information, resources are stored and protected on secure servers, which are encrypted during transit and at rest. This means that you have peace of mind that your information and data is safely stored within a dedicated server.

The EDQuals platform constantly tracks and records activity so you can also monitor and track activity within your personalised platform, enabling you to assess the performance of  employees and Apprentices, through  individual and secure user names and passwords to access the platform.

 Bespoke CPD

The platform enables any HR Manager or Business Development Team to have access to our platform with the ability to create a bespoke course using their collective knowledge, experience and materials to formulate their own unique continuous professional development or training programme.

The EDQuals platform provides the opportunity to internally develop employees, providing your organisation with a tailor made CPD and management platform for delivery, where you can further enhance delivery of CPD to offer:

•  Staff CPD

•  Bespoke CPD for Management and Senior leaders

•  Department training

•  Integrated Child Protection & Well-Being, CSE, Awareness, Prevent, British Values and any other courses.

•  Compulsory/mandatory staff lessons

•  Induction training

•  Policies and procedures monitoring and recording

•  Appraisal and progress reviews

•  Introductory e-learning content for professional development

•  Bespoke specific CPD for staff or management

• Subject/department analysis

Managing performances Operational management

You can use this platform across numerous sites, departments and businesses, so that all training and CPD is adhered to and recorded.  Any Administrators, Assessors, Management, Employees, Learners, Quality managers and Awarding bodies and external agencies can have access to the platform with their own unique access

Through the delivery of Traineeships, Apprenticeships and other work based learning programmes, the use of blended learning via the EDQuals platform promotes an increased focus on employer engagement, so to provide learners, employees with ongoing support. Through the use of secure usernames and passwords this assists employers to track, monitor and provide effective, relevant and up-to-date information, advice and guidance to support the learner or employee through the learning process.

 For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1909 776 910 or email us at mail@edquals.com

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