Learning on EDQuals

Learning on EDQuals

EDQuals is a secure qualification, coursework and Continuous Personal Development (CPD) training platform, which is accessible via secure user names and passwords for any employer or learner.

EDQuals can be white labelled to enable co-branding for any establishment that simply wants to:

  • Train staff for introduction and on the job training
  • Offer ongoing training or up skilling of staff
  • Offer professional development under one centralised platform.
  • Use Scenario based learning to enable real time environments, health and safety, hazards, and routes which offers familiarity to new starters, interactive learning and  

Virtual learning to break barriers to Learning – Government backing

EDQuals delivers a high-quality virtual learning and assessment platform, that enables live teaching and learning to be delivered to improve learners and their standards in vocational subjects and qualifications. 

EDQuals has been used by EDLounge Ltd (our sister company) to up skill over 400 adult learners using a blended approach (of Classroom and online delivery) in 2019 as it was used as part of the UK Governments  Flexible Learning Fund Initiative as an Introduction to the National Retraining scheme.

The system was very successful in a recent OFSTED.


The learning system with virtual support, teaching and assistance 

The system’s bespoke design, allows the learner’s entire training and professional development journey to be tracked, monitored and managed.

The platform will provide a simple, instant and convenient experience by providing a structure which allows hassle-free sampling, the secure storage of evidence, one-one interviews, full diagnostics and lots more. Along with the E-learning that is available, there is also the option to have online support while using the system, this comes in the form of live video chat and live text.   

EDQuals has a bank of resources readily available for a number of qualifications.

Putting your learning resources on our platform for your own staff and reselling

However you can become a content provider/ partner and start adding your own courses to our platform which can be then placed live to be sold via the catalogue.

Once a partner, you have the ability to create, design or upload your own delivery content into the EDQuals system, enabling you to create programmes of study for learners to complete online at any time.

Flexibility for the learner

One of the key elements to the EDQuals system is its flexibility for learners. In our experience of working with training providers and businesses, we have found that the key factor affecting learners is time. For example learners, studying alongside other commitments (such as work or child care) cannot be tied to the time constraints of the traditional classroom.

The EDQuals learning environment provides the learner with access to the learning content, along with online tutors/assessors from anywhere at any time, all they need is an internet connection.

 The benefits of learning and your staff professionally developing using EDQuals

  • Assess and mark coursework online instantly
  • A modernised and streamlined way to submit coursework
  • Online Secure assessment portfolio
  • Remove bulky paper portfolios
  • Deliver assessment for any qualification or apprenticeship
  • Enable easy access, assessment and verification
  • Monitor and track learner progress, submissions and whole school achievement
  • Instant and hassle free sampling for IV, EV, off the Job Training, Assessments and End Point Assessments
  • Reduce the stresses for all involved when submitting, marking, administrating and verifying coursework


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