Assessment on the EDQuals eportfolio and learning system

Within the EDQuals system employers, providers, lecturers and deliverers to track learners’ progress.  Within the system you can:

  • Track progress.
  • Track Individually coursework learning pathways for learners’ to follow.
  • View coursework answers, grades, timings, and Individual responses to tasks.
  • Show a learners’ progress by strand and/or criteria via graphical data.
  • Award extra bonus points for good work, behaviour and citizenship.
  • Add files, handouts and coursework / assessment files to enhance learners’ learning, progress and pathway.
  • Track, monitor submissions.
  • Have Instant reporting.
  • Total transparency for quality assurance.
  • View comments and written assignments.
  • View performance to predicted grades.
  • View performance to aspiration grades.

Assessment of skills and practice

The EDQuals platform provides the facility to upload any specification, which is broken down for learners and creates a weekly planner so learners, tutors and assessors know exactly where they are throughout the qualification.

All of which builds up an e-portfolio of evidence based upon the specification, where learners can upload/save documents and media files, which are then collated into one downloadable zip file for easy download if required.

This is not just limited to the learners, with CPD also being critical for business and educational development. The EDQuals platform has several areas to review the practices of tutor and assessor work for quality assurance and sharing best practice.

Tracking of qualification progress

All elements of the EDQuals system track and record what pages have been accessed in the system and monitors the learner progress in a session in real-time down to hours minutes and seconds. 

Verification and audit of practice.

The EDQuals provides access for external quality assurance monitoring  and inspections. The system tiers access and allows for a window pane view of your learners progress, alongside comprehensive reporting tools that produce documents available for download and printing as needed.

Diagnostic and Initial Assessment

EDQuals has a unique diagnostic tool via our application to determine which level of qualification is suitable for which learner.

The learner simply logs into the system and completes a few test questions,  with subsequent tutor time and analysis software being used then the learner is given suitable learning content and activities (which are added to a learner’s profile that will match their ability).

The whole process has been designed with functional skills learning and a national training provider so that all functional skills learners have their own personalised pathway for their own learning with online support.

Group Analysis on EDQuals

  • Learners are assigned usernames, passwords and PIN numbers alongside their candidate number.
  • Access is available for staff, assessors, Internal verifiers, External verifiers, Head of Departments / Faculty, Examination / training officers
  • Individuals can complete learning lessons, online tutorials or presentations (uploaded by your organisation), to gain knowledge, and understanding 
  • Learners can complete preliminary tasks to gain knowledge and understanding.
  • Your establishment can upload supporting material to coincide with learners online learning.
  • Any level of qualification can be white labelled and incorporated into the system (from entry level up to level 7)
  • Learners can download the assignment brief and work else where on the assignment brief.
  • Learners complete tasks to match assessment criteria.
  • The assessors and learners have deadlines, calenders, countdowns and submission allowances.
  • Learners upload evidence into submission files once they are ready to submit (as simple as attaching a document to an email).
  • This piece of coursework is then submitted to the Pre-assessors, Assessors, IV, and End Assessor. (The process can be as simple or as rigorous as your organisation requires).
  • We can administer this for your establishment.
  • The Assessors, IV, and End Assessor quality assure and check the work done.
  • They can annotate, mark and give feedback at a tenth of the time it would normally take.
  • Feedback, Targets, Gradings and Comments are recorded and sent up the process.
  • The learner receives their feedback, grades and comments.
  • They can re – submit (with new deadlines) work and old work is saved.
  • All reports, comments, gradings and assignments can be printed off easily for inspection reports.
  • Group and unique analysis can also occur with clear graphical data for the establishment for every learner and group enrolled in EDQuals.
  • When an External Verifier looks at an individual eportfolio, assignments, units, briefs, comments and targets they see the complete system and process in use instantaneously with a touch of the button so that work can be reviewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Access to an secure exam portal.
  • Candidates have clear access to Criteria, strands and qualifications.
  • Access to Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours.
  • Ease to view Summary, In-house and End of Unit Assessment for assessors, employers and end assessor.
  • An area to show Industry Specific Requirements and Specialist Skills.

Finally, within the systems the following things can be tracked and recorded:

  • Passes.
  • Fails.
  • Average time.
  • Grades.
  • Flagged Issues.
  • Disputes and Appeals.
  • Mitigating circumstances.
  • Total number of credits to make  up qualifications.
  • Time, attendance and grading for groups and individuals (to match requirements).
  • Program an assessment pathway to match schemes of work and units of study along with a range of assessment methods.
  • View coursework answers, grades, timings.
  • View comments / free text questions.
  • Level answers for any students for pass, merit, distinction, fail or for any bespoke assessment.
  • Track performance alongside to predicted grades and aspiration grades.
  • Individual responses to tasks.
  • Track, monitor and reward progress with instant reporting.
  • Show a student’s and groups progress by subject and/or term via graphical data.
  • Upload their own lessons and set course work.
  • View graphical data regarding progress and grades to their grades, predicted grades, aspiration grades and performance over time, month, weeks, terms or a year.
  • Enhance accessibility and simplicity for all Employers and apprentices

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