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EDQuals: Complete transparency from learner to external verifier

EDQuals ensure transparency from learner to verifier

Having a comprehensive learning platform brings many benefits. It means further education colleges, apprenticeships and workplaces can develop learners and staff, monitor progress and assess where appropriate – to bring the best results.

Choosing an e-portfolio system which can be assessed by a learner, assessor and verifier is ideal for transparency and contact-free assessing means the assessment process can continue despite the present circumstances.

But what are the benefits of an assessment platform like this? This blog post explains.

Why does EDQuals benefit virtual learners?

EDQuals delivers a high-quality learning platform. The platform enables live teaching which can be done virtually. The platform subsequently can be used to improve the ability of learners and the standards – despite the current climate.

The platform is provided for staff introduction and on-the-job training. It can be used for continuous ongoing training or a one-off upskilling of staff.

Because one central platform is used, it doesn’t matter where in the world learners or staff are situated. They can improve their skills and complete assessments regardless of location.

Upload delivery material securely

EDQuals is the complete learning platform. Any qualification resource or delivery material can be uploaded securely.

All training materials are accessible online to any learner completing the qualification or professional development course.

Tailored learning to your needs

The platform allows for a compilation of quizzes, workbooks, presentations and test to be uploaded – to suit the needs of the course and the style of the learners.

EDQuals also means that classroom settings can also be delivered virtually, and so can one-to-ones to benefit all learners or a specific individual.

Improve skills while reducing costs

As the platform is virtual, it means that businesses do not need to visit training providers for specific training. It reduces transport costs and operating costs. All also saves time.

Ultimately online training in this manner reduces costs while improving business efficiencies, as time saved can be spent doing something which brings money into the business. As well as the training having the potential to help your business increase productivity and therefore profits.

A range of training courses are available

EDQuals has a number of courses available. You can read information on HR training here.

DoMyCPD helps you manage personal development – which is a requirement for a number of professional training bodies. Many bodies need a set number of CPD hours for you to become certified. You can read more here.

Our functional skills is a popular course to help student before in college and the workplace to improve knowledge of English and Maths.

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