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EDQuals is a secure qualification and CPD delivery and training platform. The platform can be white labelled and co-branded for any College, University, Training Provider or Employer to create their own content and courses to sell and promote to other organisations.

Buy using the EDQuals platform to host your content and learning programmes, you can also take advantage of using the platform to promote your business, increase, promote you brand and up-sell/share your content, materials and courses with other businesses.

Here at EDQuals we have the ability to adapt and create any content that is needed by our customers, this means that you can run any course you want through us. Providing the content is there for you to source yourself or for us to source then we will have it built onto the system by our designated content team.

To address Covid 19 for Businesses. EDQuals can be your contingency to be ready when the sun is shining again!

At recent times due to COVID-19, the EDQuals platform can help you to continue to support your learners and staff by the following:

  • Live classroom and access for your contingency to upskill staff
  • Opportunities for reselling your courses via our platform to world wide market
  • Refresher training via remote access for staff and management meetings
  • Deliver elearning for your staff Career Professional Development and training
  • Bring all learning and training into one centralised portfolio
  • Improve business efficiency and reduce costs
  • White label this platform which is completely customisable for your business and staff development
  • Upload other content, lectures and teaching live or pre – recorded
  • Recently passed and Inspection and Ofsted Monitoring
  • Skills and employability passport
  • Remote and distance learning access 24 /7

We also have a range of staff that can get you up and running in limited time.  Don’t be left behind. Call us to be your contingency and get your learners learning with minimal interruptions!

Bespoke CPD

EDQuals enables any training provider, educational establishment, entrepreneur or business development team to have access to our platform, enabling them to create a bespoke course using their collective knowledge, experience and materials to formulate their own unique continuous professional development or training programme.

The platform is extremely flexible, so that your own branding, colour schemes, logos and information can be personally individualised for your training approach with comprehensive tracking and recording elements.

EDQuals platform provides the opportunity to internally develop employees. We can provide your organisation with a tailor made CPD and management platform for delivery where you can further enhance delivery of CPD to offer:

• Staff CPD

• Bespoke CPD for Management and Senior leaders

• Department training

• Integrated Child Protection & Well-Being, CSE, Awareness, Prevent, British Values and any other courses.

• Compulsory / mandatory staff lessons

• Induction training

• Policies and procedures monitoring and recording

• Appraisal and progress review

• Introductory e-learning content for professional development

• Bespoke specific CPD for staff or management

• Subject / department analysis

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