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Within the EDQuals platform, we have designed a bespoke area for each learner, which facilitates the following: 

  • Easy access to a simple to use learning and qualification management platform with unique identification numbers, usernames and passwords.
  • Initial assessments and diagnostics to determine the appropriate programmes of study and allow for early intervention strategies for all learners.
  • The ability to work through lessons, tutorials, presentations (uploaded by your organisation) to gain knowledge and understanding. This can include tasks, situational judgements tests and any course or delivery material your organisation has. Any level of qualification can be white labelled and incorporated into the system (from entry level up to level 7 apprenticeships).
  • A weekly planner; so a learner always is aware of upcoming deadlines.
  • Live one-one sessions with tutors or assessors, for continuous support and development. 
  • Ability to view assessment structures, such as criterion from assignment briefs, standards, behaviours and skills accessing the work anywhere.
  • The uploading of various pieces of coursework to match a wide range of assessment criteria. This process is as easy as attaching a document to an email.
  • Additional development of soft skills and additional standards from the business, training providers that can be tracked and monitored through the same rigorous but simple process. 
  • Introductory lessons for; prevent, IAG, British Values and e-safety. 
  • Internal messaging to take place with tutors
  • Notifications of any changes to a learner's journey with the EDLounge Centre

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