The learners using the EDQuals platform are the most important part of the learning programme. The platform has been specifically designed and developed around the learner, by listening to their views and feedback to make the layout functionality of the platform user friendly.

As a learner using the platform you are given secure access to your  learning and qualification through unique identification numbers, usernames and passwords. All your learning is tracked, recorded and stored on secure servers. This means that only a limited number of designated people have access to support you and your learning.

Within EDQuals you can work through; lessons, tutorials, presentations (uploaded by your provider) to gain knowledge and understanding. This can include tasks, situational judgements tests and any course or delivery resources.

The EDQuals platform allows you to complete tasks to match your course assessment criteria and upload your evidence into submission files (as simple as attaching a document to an email). Your tutors/assessors can then feedback, mark and sign off completed assignments in real time.

The EDQuals platform provides you as the learner access to lessons, resources, tutorials, reviews, assessments and an exam platform. You can monitor your progress throughout your learning journey, so your and your tutor/assessor can provide instant feedback on your learning and learning experience.

 EDQuals is an all-in-one educational platform which allows you as the learner 24/7 365 days access anywhere to a secure learning and user friendly environment.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1909 776 910 or email us at mail@edquals.com

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