our proctoring services with edquals is via our online or offline application or web-based portal that has been created to run as a unique and SEPARATE tool to invigilate and assess practical or academic exams whilst under assessment and exam conditions within their chosen environment. 


Proctoring is supervising or monitoring, students and learners during the course of an examination, skills test or assessment. In its simple terms proctoring an exam is ensuring credibility by watching an exam take place.


The common proctor of an exam is the invigilator within a traditional examination setting but the proctoring area with EDQuals can be used for 

  • Exams
  • Entry test
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Mock test / examination preparation
  • Coursework submission
  • Evidence recordings for coursework / apprenticeships / traineeship and upskilling
  • Evidence of job training
  • Evidence of snagging jobs
  • Recruitment processes
  • Professional development
  • Group chats and group work
  • One to one Interviews
  • Formal chats 

EDQuals has developed a platform designed to allow staff to have full eyes on functionality of your candidate while they are taking part in the assessment. This is done via live camera feed, webcam is usually the preferred from clients, with simultaneous screen viewing. We also provide the facility to listen into the room via the microphone.

In all our online proctoring toolkit allows you to make sure that an assessment is secure and is at its optimum, even if the observer is sat at the other side of the globe.

How we proctor

Within EDQuals we use a wide range of tools to help the security of exam, interviewing and professional development through proctoring to add extra security:

  • Live recordings via our locked down browser application
  • Eyes and head with body recognition
  • Web camera
  • Eye / retina configuration recording when
  • Mobile camera
  • Screen sharing with tutors and invigilation team remotely viewing your screen

Benefits of proctoring

The benefits of Proctoring within EDQuals are the application or web based portal can be used within the system or third parties for extra security.  Other benefits are:

  • Can be done on line or offline through our secure application
  • Range from a single view to a whole 360 degree view
  • Do anywhere (home or work)
  • Alerts for inappropriate exam or assessment behaviour
  • Available when ever an invigilator is present
  • Fast review and instant submission of exam, which can be marked quicker, therefore the whole process becomes faster
  • No paper based
  • Artificial tracking and intelligence that traces the eyes, head and body movements

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