Functional Skills – ICT

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About The Course

Functional Skills have been developed as part of a government initiative to improve the levels of literacy, numeracy and ICT in the UK. The qualifications have been designed to assess skills that can be applied to a learner’s life, learning and work.

EDQuals currently offers Functional Skills at level 2, with flexible onscreen learning and testing.

Functional Skills underpin nearly all forms of 14+ learning in England and are intended for a vast range of different settings. There are specific rules around the achievement of Functional Skills within Apprenticeship frameworks, as well as an expectation that Foundation Learning and other programmes (eg GCE/GCSE) should include opportunities to develop and achieve appropriate Functional Skills qualifications.

All of our courses on EDQuals have a unique built to them, this is done with the main aim of trying to make the learning/ training as engaging as possible. Also at the end of every course you will receive a certificate of completion which can be printed and kept as proof of your qualification if you wish.

Below are a few samples of what our lessons look like:

Competence in Functional Skills ICT is broadly about being able to:

  • identify the ICT requirements
  • use ICT systems to carry out tasks – manage information storage
  • demonstrate how to minimise the risk of computer viruses
  • use search techniques to locate relevant information
  • select appropriate information for the task in hand
  • enter, develop and refine information using appropriate software
  • use data handling software
  • use communications software
  • combine and present information that are fit for purpose and the audience
  • evaluate the use and the selection of the ICT tools and facilities used.