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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

EDQuals houses a virtual learning environment with the capacity for a practitioner to deliver sessions, lectures, lessons online through our platform. Developing a schedule of delivery that can be daily and weekly based timetabled slots, providing learners with ‘Live Teaching’ in a virtual classroom.
Teachers and learners can follow any of the following approaches:

•  timetabled lessons

•  drop in sessions

•  live lectures

•  one to one or one to ten,

•   ad-hoc sessions for students to have online support when requested

All the sessions are recorded and provided within the system accessible by specified staff within training providers and business’s to keep records for training and monitoring purposes. Also the live recordings of sessions can be kept and reused as part of future teaching practices. 
Through EDQuals the virtual classrooms and Live sessions can significantly reduce your costs as a business or training provider by saving travel costs for assessors and tutors, while also giving you the opportunity for further scope and capacity to deliver.


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