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Online access means training can continue

Online access means training can continue

Improving skills has been at the forefront of many people’s minds during the last few weeks – and although face-to-face contact has been limited, online access means training can continue.

According to Helen Milner, Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation: “It’s at times like this that people start to think about the skills they may want for the future.”

Access to courses helps individuals to build up their skills, progress in work and boost their job prospects. For companies, it helps to improve productivity, efficiency and health and safety.

Benefits of online training

Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, said recently that training can “improve their knowledge, build their confidence and support their mental health so they have skills they need to succeed after the coronavirus outbreak.”

Online training can provide the following benefits:

  1. Flexibility: Physically going into a training centre can erode business and learner time. Online training can be taken anytime, anywhere – meaning flexibility is available for the business and the individual.
  2. Mobility: Online system can mean training can be accessed on phones, tablets and laptops. There are fewer restrictions in place meaning more people can take advantage at a time that suits them.
  3. Less to carry: Traditional training courses require physical copies of books and notes – as well as costs of certificates on course completion. Online courses are cost-effective and can be utilised efficiently.
  4. Community: As a larger number of people have access to the system, it can drive a greater community. It may encourage more people to ask questions, and they can use online tools to interact with others involved in the training in future.
  5. Online support: If the training provider chooses to do so, the business could operate 24 hour. Customer support can always look to help and motivate students.
  6. Progress reports: One benefit of online training is feedback. Using an online performance system (like EDQuals) mean the learner has the ability to understand topics with less pressure (as analysis of performance can be judged early and constructive feedback provided) and the training provider also has more understanding of students.
  7. Information retention: Trainees are more likely to remember information presented to them in the form of attractive images, videos, legible fonts and more. Displaying information like this (which is easier to do online) can therefore make it more memorable than pen and paper.

How EDQuals can help

EDQuals is a sophisticated online system for training providers. With accessibility improved, this is an ideal for solution for training companies and apprenticeships. The system is also suitable for students completing their functional skills.

The system is a able contingency for face-to-face learning. You can read how it can help with business productivity here.

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