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Working whilst at home to improve your CV

Working whilst at home to improve your CV

With uncertainty in the job market caused by the coronavirus pandemic, improving your skillset is essential to either help to secure your job or prepare yourself for a potential new role.

Articles published during the pandemic focused on how to utilise time in isolation encourage spending time ‘productively‘.

But how should you go about spending your time improving your skills? This blog post explains.

Why you should work at home to improve your skills

In the words of Forbes, “The business world waits for no one, especially in an age of rapid technological changes and advancements. No matter where you work or what your title is, you want to make sure you’re constantly learning and progressing.”

The BBC adds: “Activities you do outside of work – from demonstrating you can work under pressure to being organised – can make you more employable, and help you progress in the workplace.”

You can read about the benefits of taking part in continuous development in our blog post ‘here‘.

Why apprentices should still be improving their knowledge

According to the Government’s website, “The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is responding by taking steps to ensure that, wherever possble, apprenticeships can continue and complete their apprenticeships, despite an break they need to take as a result of COVID-19, and to support providers during this challenging time.

“The support includes encouraging training providers to deliver training to apprentices remotely, and via e-learning, as far as is practical.”

What new skills could you learn whilst you are at home?

Learn a language: Now is the perfect time to learn a language – which provides you with the potential to reach new clients. By using a platform such as EDArcade, you can access games which are perfect to learn basics in new languages. Up to 23 languages are available.

Functional skills: Maths and English are essential, not only in work but in every day life. Our functional skills courses allow you to brush up on your literacy and numeracy via e-learning and gain a qualification at the end of it.

Various kinds of DIY: Many people will be using the the isolation period to do things around the house. It means DIY skills will be an essential to homeowners, but many will be unsure of the basics. Training providers can utilise EDQuals electronic platform to teach millions basic home improvements.

Cooking: Food technology specialists can utilise the EDQuals platform in order to teach skills such as cooking and baking. Many will appreciate the step-by-step tutorials and there has been a surge in cooking worldwide as a result of the pandemic.

Own job improvements: EDQuals is perfect for employers’ to train their staff while they aren’t not on site. Managers can set staff a training programme including coursework to prepare for an increase in demand which may occur later in the year.

Where can I find out more?

For more information on the EDQuals platform, click here.

EDQuals is a secure platfom for coursework, qualifications and continuous professional development (CPD). It means staff can be trained for introduction, as well as on the job training.

For national and interational companies, it means the training delivered can be consistent, one-for-all approach.

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