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Flexible Learning Fund

EDQuals was chosen by the then Skills Minister Anne Milton PM as 1 of 32 providers to deliver the Flexible Learning Fund pilot project.

The purpose of the project was to establish a curriculum framework to deliver adult learning to meet the aims of Flexible learning Fund pilot project. This includes providing adult learners with access to a wide variety of flexible and accessible online qualifications pitched at various levels.

During this time EDQuals achieved the following:

Providing mums returning to education with the opportunity to engage in Personal Development for Employability qualifications. This resulted in a 100% achievement rate, with 95% becoming business entrepreneurs.

EDQuals Supported over 150 self-employed taxi drivers based in the North East and Lancashire to gain Road Passenger Vehicle Driving (RPVD) NVQ level 2 qualifications. This was a mandatory qualification to ensure taxi drivers were trained, qualified in order to retain their private hire licenses. This training resulted in an overall 82% success rate.

EDQuals also provided unemployed adult learners in London access to a variety of management, health and social care, functional skills qualifications pitched at various levels. This resulted in an overall 87% success rate.

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