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A contingency for learning

What is your contingency for learning?

The current coronavirus lockdown is causing unprecedented times for businesses – and it is important that businesses have a contingency for learning in place.

Making the most of your staff at this present time is paramount. Many businesses have seen revenue dry up overnight but understand the importance of contingency plans to keep the business afloat.

Keeping staff engaged and motivated is critical during these uncertain times. Investing in staff engagement can increase productivity, as well as have an effect on brand awareness and sales in the longer term. But how can you get the most out of staff, where they are furloughing or not? This blog post explains.

Keep your provision accessible

In the same way that schools have moved education online, further education colleges should look to do the same.

Online education provides learning contingency. Education can continue even when the college is closed. The theory behind practical skills can skill be taught and the person’s abilities continue to increase.

Using a virtual classroom, such as EDQuals, means progress is secure, tracked (and therefore can be analysed) and also ensures safeguarding.

Safeguarding is ensured through live video and chat facilities, meaning learners have the ability to reach out.

Timetabled lessons can be guided to learning hours that are live or recorded. The recorded option provides the college with flexibility and means the classes could be shown to various groups.

The system also has assessments built in to test student understanding. Diagnostic tests can assess current levels of ability and means you can provide a tailored platform to self-improvement. A full functional skills learning platform is available and practice exams.

The virtual learning platform also provides colleges to upload other resources, including lectures and teaching documents. Past exams can also be undertaken on the system.

Further, parent company EDLounge Limited was inspected by Ofsted in 2019 (you can read the report here).

Everything indoors for your apprenticeships

For apprentices, off the job training can be completed via a virtual classroom.

The online education software facilitates face-to-face learning, as another way to educate your cohorts. The learning portal means the educator can schedule timetabled lessons for study. It means that e-learning can be delivered live or via pre-recorded classes. Sessions can be done to groups or as digital one-to-ones.

Reviews and interviews can be conducted online with milestones and targets set for learners.

The system allows for preparation for success End Point Assessment. It also features a locked down portal which includes diagnostic, initial and practice tests or exams.

Ultimately, EDQuals provides a 24/7 access to learning, face to face learning and contingency to a high quality learning provision.

Business: contingency for learning

For businesses, online learning provides you with access to upskill staff. You can use the current time in order to provide refresher training via remote access to staff and management. 

Training your staff provides opportunities for reselling your courses via our platform to worldwide markets. 

The platform means you can deliver e-learning for your staff to enhance Career Professional Development. This improves the individual’s ability, can contribute to overall business performance and also improve the confidence and self-belief of individuals. In the long-term training improves efficiency and reduces business costs.

You can utilise the online learning platform to create one central training portfolio – meaning that individual development can be tracked and assessed. The staff being trained can also access information from their learning.

Remote learning and distance learning can be accessed 24/7.

24/7 access for training providers

Training providers have had the operations disrupted by the move from face-to-face learning environments.

These providers can still operate through an online platform. EDQuals provides access to live classrooms, live lectures and meetings – accumulating in a 24/7 learning environment.

The platform offers flexible delivery for online learning. A study programme can be uploaded along with any other content to build a bigger provision. Traineeship content and external courses can be added to broaden the curriculum. 

Access to additional and diagnostic assessment to identify levels for access to remote learning can be used to enhance abilities. 

 Live video chat enables ESOL users to have additional support.

Take the time to train your teachers

With fewer numbers in schools, senior leaders can take the time to coach and assess teachers.

Our unique video analysis means you can action plan towards teacher standards and internal policies – find best practices and offer clear insight into teacher performance.

The software allows you to offer whole school improvement, and share departmental, school and MAT policies and procedures via learning, assessment and analysis.

Build your contingency for learning

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