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Online training means providers can continue to operate

Online training means providers can continue to operate

The coronavirus pandemic is having profound effects on businesses around the world. The Government said yesterday that organisations should run operations “from home“.

This decision will have a chain effect in the business community Businesses are increasingly reluctant to move any aspect of the businesses, such as conferences and training.

Subsequently, there is a need in society for online training. But what are the benefits of online learning and how is safeguarding ensured? This blog post explains.

What is online training?

Online training can also be known as computer-based training (CBT), distance learning or e-learning. The delivery of online training involves a variety of elements, including graphics, audio, video and web-links which can be accessed completely using the internet.

Training courses can take place via tests and quizzes online, and present the opportunity for both live interactions and real-time feedback. It means communication can take place to a mass market in an instance, and the dialog potentially be two way.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Away from the coronavirus pandemic, online learning still brings a wide range of benefits for businesses.

Cost effectiveness: Transport costs are reduced as employees can access courses from anywhere (including at home) which brings convenience and saves money. Large businesses can also potentially save by ordering in bulk.

Consistency: When larger numbers are subject to digital training, the training maintains consistency. All of your employees will come away with the same quality of knowledge.

Convenience: Online training allows employees to arrange when and where training takes place – providing internet access is available. As everyone needs a different amount of time to process, online training can be a lot more reactive to meeting this need.

Variance: Because not all employees need the same training at the same time, online training gives increased opportunity and flexibility to tailor to specific needs.

Accuracy: As online courses are being regularly kept updated, which gives the advance over print publications, that they are giving the most accurate information possible.

Feedback: Employers automatically receive immediate results and feedback straight after the completion of the course. Man courses have a number of CPD hours required, which online training can contribute towards.

How can EDQuals help?

EDQuals is one of 32 providers chosen for the Flexible Learning Fund, providing access to a wide variety of flexible and accessible online qualifications.

EDQuals can tailor training to the employer’s needs, using a range of different CPD devices. Live teaching allows for face-to-face contact via computer or other device. It provides access to live lectures and in-built coursework modules, as well as Functional Skills options.

Choosing EDQuals as your online platform means training providers can continue to operate when demand for face-to-face training is reduced.

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