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Apprenticeships: contingency in the event of another lockdown

Apprenticeships: contingency in the event of another lockdown

Apprenticeships, if nothing is done, could be a significant victim of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many businesses are evaluating their workload and coming up with ways to protect jobs.

The Government has also issued guidance for further education, apprentices, employers and training providers. What does the guidance say? This blog post explains.

What is the current situation for apprenticeships?

It has been a difficult time for employers, apprentices and apprenticeship training providers – but the picture is ongoing.

From 15 June, further education learners can attend on-site delivery in an education setting.

However these are still with limited numbers.

Meanwhile, the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education have put in place a flexibility that enables apprentices to take end-point assessment (EPA) ahead of receiving their calculated functional skills qualification results later on in summer.

What is the Government’s guidance for apprenticeships?

The Government has issued specific guidance to support apprenticeships.

Covid-19 secure guidelines have been made available to UK employers to help them get their businesses back to some normality, with workplaces operating as safely as possible.

The Government have emphasis that ‘remote training should remain the predominant mode of learning for most apprenticeships’.

It goes on to say ‘where a provider is able to do so safely’ training can be delivered in a workplace in situations where the apprentice is a critical worker or the workplace meets the new ‘Covid-secure guidelines’.

How will apprentice assessments work?

The Government has said that assessments should (if possible) be completed online.

The guidelines state: “To ensure that apprentices can work to complete their apprenticeship, new assessment arrangements will be supported alongside the existing flexibilities about how apprenticeship assessments are delivered. Where remote assessments can take place, meaning apprentices can stay home, these are preferable.”

In the event of another lockdown online training and assessment means developing apprentices skills can continue.

How EDQuals can help to support apprenticeships

EDQuals supports apprenticeships via remote learning.

By using our system you can provide a range of training direct to the learner, through learning resources, assessments and quizzes.

We can also help with End Point Assessment which submission, marking and feedback built into the system. Access to proctoring means exams can be sat securely and credibly.

Functional Skills are also available through EDQuals.

More information can be found here or by calling 01909 776 910.

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