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How to keep staff retention whilst working in isolation

How to keep staff retention whilst working in isolation

Currently only key workers are needed to go into work, with non-essential workers expected to self-isolate and/or work from home.

But the guidance has created some uncertainty for staff of some businesses who have seen reduced trade during the pandemic.

How should companies utilise staff during this period and how can you ensure staff are best placed to be efficient when the economy resumes? This blog post explains.

What situations are businesses currently facing?

According to Harrison Drury Solicitors , “Employers are grappling with the situation and are forced to focus their attention to business resilience and protection. The outbreak is driving many employers to make many difficult decisions in order to save its workforce.”

Last week, the Government announced that a Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) was being set up to reassure a lot of employers about retaining and, more importantly, being able to pay their staff during difficult times. Some employers are facing a dramatic reduction in custom – or have been forced to close completely due to the lockdown.

For some companies it may be suitable to lay-off employees or reduce working hours. Lay-off means that the employer provides the employee with no work and no pay for a period, whilst retaining them as employees. Short-time working means providing employees with less work and less pay for a period whilst retaining them as employees.

Why you should look to train staff

During troublesome times, it is vital that businesses look to get the most out of their staff. By using the time to train employees, you can be more efficient at getting the most out of opportunities and also be in the best position to respond when the economy restarts.

By investing in training, your staff feel valued and it can motivate them to go above and beyond expectations from the company, at a time that they may feel that their position is under threat.

How can you train your staff?

By training staff through online learning, you can improve the capability of your staff while not putting the health of employees at risk. Staff can be trained in a numbers of areas, as decided by you. Because you are doing it online, a number of staff can receive the same consistent level of training.

How can EDQuals help?

EDQuals provides an online platform that enables qualification resources and delivery materials to be uploaded – including presentations, workbooks, quizzes and tasks.

The software also houses live virtual classrooms, which enables employers to train learners on-screen to direct to their homes. Mentoring can therefore take place nationally or internationally.

All you need to deliver virtual classrooms and one-to-one tutorials is an internet connection.

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