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ESOL - English

ESOL - Speaking & Listening

What is ESOL?

ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. It has one main aim to help non-native English speakers improve and develop there understanding of the English language. ESOL doesn’t only have to be studied in the united kingdom. 

Why do you need ESOL?

If you are looking to apply for UK Citizenship you basic English skills will be assessed.

ESOL is designed to teach you practical English that is used in the real word instead of English that you learn in school and never use again. Not any that it can be helpful in other ways too such as, Continuing your own education, helping you to secure a job and gaining professional decisions. 

Are there any entry requirements?

There is no entry requirements for ESOL. However when doing the course with us you will take a entry exam (diagnostic), this will determine what you already know and allow us to analyse where you need help if so.  


If you purchase one of out ESOL course’s you will then be given full access to any of the ESOL content that you may need during your learning with us. Also you will have access to our online video and text support while you learn. All of our courses on EDQuals have a unique built to them, this is done with the main aim of trying to make the learning/ training as engaging as possible. Also at the end of every course you will receive a certificate of completion which can be printed and kept as proof of your qualification if you wish.