Health and safety in work and life is important to create a safe environment. This helps to minimise risk to the individual and others. By having effective policies and procedures in place it can help you and your employees to understand and be aware of the potential hazards in your work environment. To raise awareness training is important and effective, as it will educate your employees on correct workplace procedures, practices, and behaviors, so to prevent possible minor or severe injuries and

By following health and safety guidelines and maintaining a safe work place,  it may reduce the risk of work-related illnesses and injuries, and therefore reduce staff absences.

To  support you with this our EDQuals platform is fully equipped with the right lessons to be able to deliver health and safety qualifications to anyone, with all of our lessons  built specifically to best teach each qualification effectively.

We also offer tremendous amount of support to all learner while they complete there qualification to make sure they receive the best level of training possible. Our lessons also contain a variety of different questions to make sure it doesn’t get to tedious for the leaner, these include:

Multiple choice questions
Drag and drop puzzles
Word searches
Word jumbles
Free text questions

Health and safety is essential in any working environment and having the awareness, knowledge and competencies can in the worse scenario, sometimes be the difference between life and death .