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About The Course

The CSE qualification enables learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of:

  • the importance of protecting children and young people from sexual exploitation
  • the importance of confidentiality when dealing with children and young people who have been sexually exploited
  • the legislation applicable to safeguarding children and young people
  • how those who report suspected issues of sexual exploitation of children or young people are protected

Our Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) content enables any adult, parent or individual to go through our Level 2 qualification to gain the basic knowledge and understanding of this subject. Levels 3 and 4 are coming soon.

All of our courses on EDQuals have a unique built to them, this is done with the main aim of trying to make the learning/ training as engaging as possible. Also at the end of every course you will receive a certificate of completion which can be printed and kept as proof of your qualification if you wish.

Below are a few samples of what our lessons look like:

These are a few of the courses we have on the system for CSE:

  • 1.1 – Terminology of and types of abuse
  • 1.2 – Being online and using a mobile phone
  • 1.3 – Safeguarding
  • 1.4 – How to Respond
  • 1.5 – The rights of children and young people
  • 2.1 – Importance of confidentiality
  • 2.2 – Confidentiality
  • 2.3 – Organisations and agencies involved in safeguarding
  • 2.4 – Partnership working
  • 2.5 – Your roles and responsibilities
  • 3.1 – Current legislation, guidelines and policies
  • 3.2 – Explain the policies that are in place
  • 3.3 – Reporting procedures
  • 3.4 – Actions to take
  • 3.5 – Documentation for recording
  • 4.1 – Whistleblowers
  • 4.2 – Protect yourselves